Performance at Night of Arts, 22.8, 17-21
other performances each day for 2 last hours of the opening hours.


Humanshredder “edition 1” in Gallery Oksasenkatu 11 consisted of performance (appointment) and growing installation of burdens.

The gallery has two floors and the exhibition is build to use the given structures: the visit becomes visitor’s own performance. The visit resembles a ritual.

The journey starts at the 1st floor, where the growing installation of burdens is. Wooden shelves with burdens in glass jars frame the room. The visitor studies the burdens, reflects to them, and is asked to pick up an empty jar for his/her own burden.

The journey continues down a narrow circular staircase to cellar, where a dark corridor leads to a room. In  the room is a black table and a person in black behind the table. Humanshredder. Performance takes place.

The journey continues back to the first floor, where the visitor places his/her burden on the shelves and stables the name tag under the jar.

The exhibition in Oksasenkatu 11 is Jenny Suhonen’s debut solo exhibition in performance art. And also Humanshredder’s 1st solo exhibition: “edition 1”.

video: taking down the installation