Stockholm Supermarket Independent Art Fair
Telefonplan, Svarta Huset
20.4 – 24.4.2016.

I have been invited by Helsinki Artists’ association to perform HUMANSHREDDER in Stockholm Supermarket Independent Art Fair.

In the fair I am collecting people’s burdens as letters. I have installed my green letterbox to the wall with papers and pens for visitors to use.

In the installation is also a wooden stick found from the near-by forest to Black House in Telefonplan and a glass jar with pink goo.

The 4-day performance culminates to a burial of the burden-letter cube into the near-by forest (video).

I am building a cube of burden-letters:

  1. read letter soundlessly
  2. cut all words separately, mix them (several letters can be mixed together = desirably)
  3. drop goo on your palm with the stick
  4. take one word at a time, read it aloud, goo it in your palm and stick it to the cube
  5. repeat the act
  6. when all words have been read and good take goo with the stick and drop it all slowly on top of the cube.

Performances (building burden-letter cube):
20.4 (VIP opening) 19.30-21.00
21-22.4 17.00-19.00
23.4 13.00-15.00
24.4 13.00-14.15

Burial of the burden-letter cube:
24.4 14.15-15.00