HUMANSHREDDER is a participatory performance project by Helsinki-based visual artist Jenny Suhonen. She has been collecting and breaking people’s burdens since 2012 in different events and exhibitions in Helsinki, Auttoinen and Hyvinkää. Humanshredder has had so far three solo exhibitions: Editions 1, 2, and 3.

The project deals with encountering, stepping over borderlines and letting away. It is an ongoing performance project with no set expiration date that consists of performance, installation and video art. However there is going to be a finalization in the future : an installation of all the removed burdens and a publication

The project can be installed and performed in various ways. Until now it has been shown in different combinations of installations in Ars Auttoinen, Okasenkatu 11 in Helsinki and Galerie Pleiku, Berlin. In gallery Huuto in Helsinki was shown a 3-channel video installation. The videos can be shown in different amount of screens. The performance usually follows one decided script, but the space where it is being performed creates always a new experience – as do the people participating. The performances can also be executed as reproductions to a certain extent.

If you are interested to lean more about the project, or give me a chance to perform and collect burdens in new environments, please contact me via the contact form.

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