performance portfolio


Through performance I explore humanity by braking it into pieces, body and it limitations, womanhood and intimacy, participation and challenge, ethics and community, how much is enough and too little, as well as – and especially – how performance can be used as a tool in creative process. I create fragments and explore different entities that can be created of them.  I am interested in what performance leaves behind, a trace, and often my performances lead into an installation or video.

Through performance I research different aspects of time. I aim to create a space where time does not exist, or at least it feels stretched. In my work I try out different methods to achieve it: such as repetition and slowness. My works often show process and are meditative as their nature. As a performance artist I am not interested in theatricality. I try to step into each performance I make as a blank, open particle. I aim that the action in the piece is the art and the trigger of the experience and me as the performer is just one part of the whole.


Leaving / Fresco about leaving, 2014, performance and installation of a video performance
video installation shown in Gallery Å, Turku 2014, and in Art Fare Suomi in  Helsinki 2015

Performance about responsibility, 2016

Sky we share, 2015, 1to1 performance and video projection, duration 1hour

Performance about honesty and beauty, 2015, 1to1 performance and video projection, duration 4.5hours

process, ink on paper, 2015