Itäinen Rantakatu 8
20700 Turku

Humanshredder – performances and installations 
you can see documentation here. 
And press release (fin+eng) here.

Since 2010 the exhibitions calendar of Titanik-gallery has been created around a specific theme, that changes bi-annually. Humanshredder -exhibition is part of series of exhibitions under theme Hand Made.

For the exhibition I am compiling formations using material that I have collected in former performances in different exhibitions and events. I am studying different forms, their symbolism and visuality, and how these separated bits of humanity fit inside the forms, symbols, fragments, visuals – or do they fit. Can humanity be put inside a form?

I see the different burdens as building blocks. I would not be who I am without them – nor would you. In that way burdens can be understood as structural forms.

Besides the installations I will execute 5 performances. First act will be happening in the opening, and will result as one of the main installations in the exhibition. Twice I will execute performances that I film to be part of the exhibition. And twice I will have  Humanshredder’s appointment, where audience is welcome to bring their burdens to be broken to pieces. Please ready yourself with an object that has a connection to the burden you want to give up.

times for performances:
tuesday 6.10 at 5.15pm 
saturday 10.10 at 1pm-4pm   Humanshredder’s appointment
sunday 11.10 at 1pm
friday 16.10 at 3pm
saturday 70.10 at 1pm-4pm   Humanshredder’s appointment

the exhibition has been supported by Svenska kulturfonden and Taike