Jätkäsaari 2, Helsinki
4.10 – 19.10.2014


The Galleria Huuto exhibition (Humanshredder “edition 2”) includes videos of the performances, compiled into one 3-channel video installation. 12 videos are showing simultaneously on all of the screens in different rhythms.

The video takes the viewer to an abstract level. The item and the story, the personal memory of an event and the related emotion are permanently taking a visual form. The personal meaning disappears and the viewer has to face the strongly charged symbols. He/she is involved in the breaking of these symbolic items and the violent destruction is repeated again and again on the screen. The viewer moves further away from the meanings that were given to the items during the performance and is free to give own meanings to the events shown in the video.

The exhibition has been supported by Svenska kulturfonden and Taike