performance and documentation at home December 2013
re-recording for video performance “Fresco about leaving” October 2014


Performance “Leaving” studies leaving as a visual event. Performance uses symbolism and rituals that are connected to leaving and death. In the performance I cover everything in my home with white sheets, wearing white gown myself. After I have covered everything – furniture, lamps, paintings and even the floors – I paint myself white and disappear to the white landscape that was created in the act of covering.

I made and documented the performance first in my home in December 2013 and in October 2014 I remade and filmed the act again to make a video piece “Fresco about leaving” for a solo-exhibition in Gallery Å, Turku. The 2-channel video is projected to a corner in a room. The video starts on the left side of the corner by covering the space and continues to the right side where the painting action is happening. The video has no beginning nor end but the process begins always again. Will the leaver ever going to leave, or is there always something left?


FRESCO ABOUT LEAVING, Gallery Å, Turku, 2014
videoinstallation, 8.30min loop, HD-video projected to a corner of a room

An installation about touch, being quiet, stopping and emptiness.
About sensitivity, presence, going away and remembering.

The way in which the artwork is chosen to be placed influences the way the work, as well as the space, is experienced. Installation draws attention to the physicality of the viewing process and emphasizes the viewer’s role in the formation of the meaning of the work.

The space is also important for the viewer.

The reaction inside the viewer’s body could be compared, for example, to an experience of a renaissance chapel, where the works of art aren’t positioned according to where they would be most visible, but where their meanings coincide with the architecture and iconography. The field of experience can be built and the viewer guided to a quiet and paused place, where it is possible to face with oneself.

The viewer reacts to artwork with emotions.

Art can be discussed and analyzed about, but the emotions that art creates are most of all physical and one’s own. Art has an ability to make things and feelings visible that otherwise would not have a visual form, nor could easily be reached with words.