JENNY SUHONEN (b 1978) is a visual artist from Helsinki, Finland, who works in the fields of painting, installation, ritual art and performance. Her art looks beyond the surface. Central to her art are the symbols of space and the traces of human presence connected to it. She uses symbols and metaphors to build bridges and open doors to the unseen. As Jean Moréas writes in Symbolist Manifesto 1886:

In this art, scenes from nature, human activities, and all other real world phenomena will not be described for their own sake; here, they are perceptible surfaces created to represent their esoteric affinities with the primordial Ideals.

Jenny has studied painting at the Free Art School (2008-2012) in Helsinki and architecture in the University of Oulu (1997-2007). Currently she is studying a Master’s degree in Live Art and Performance Studies at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki.

Jenny is a founding member of ritual art collective WYRD (2016-) and drawing collective HAI CLUBI (2009-). She is also an active member of Gallery Oksasenkatu 11 -collective (2014-).

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