Sky we share

1to1 performance, 1hour
in Mad House, Art contact: the Air We Share, Helsinki 2015, curator Willem Wilhelmus


“Sky we share” is an intimate encountering where I invite people to sit in front of me and share a sky with me. I created this performance after the terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut. I asked my friends who live overseas to film me their sky for 30seconds, mark up time and space where it had been filmed and send it to me. I wanted to show that the world is the same everywhere: we cannot close our eyes from the happenings in the world, but we also need to understand that as the sky is the same, so are we as human beings when all the carriage (colour, religion etc.) is stripped down. However, the performance is positive in its’ nature: I create a somewhat provocative and humorous, yet very intimate, atmosphere. The performance has different layers on it and can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the feelings of the participant.


performance scene:

2 chairs in the space facing each other, a woman (me) sitting on the other one in simple under-dress. She invites people to sit with her, opens her legs and a video-projection of skies collected from all around the world appears between her legs. The duration of encountering is dependant of the participant. “The sky is opened” only when someone is participating.

on the video ( Mad House 2015) skies from Athens, Auttoinen, Berlin, Budapest, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Los Angeles, Utö.

Thanks to Laura, Pablo, Kasia, Balazs, Stella’s friend, Teemu, Andras, Harriet and Katariina

I am continuing with this project and collecting more material. I have received skies from Paris, Palma, Sofia, Switch Alps, Auttoinen, Helsinki…