durational performance, first performed in Kesto -performance event 11.11.2015
as one of the 5 fragments of travelling performance “Stay Calm, Stay Focused, Follow a Plan”


“Ice // Jää ” explores themes such as (difficulty to find and keep) balance, endurance, pain, and desperation. It comments on environmental themes and invites people to explore their relationship to the nature. “Jää” is ice in Finnish, but it also means “stay” in English. The performance is build up of layers as the name suggests. “Ice/Jää” was first performed as one fragment in a travelling series of performances “Stay calm, stay focused, follow a plan”, which explored how narratives can be created of separate actions, and relationship between space and performance.


Stand bare foot on a block of ice as long it melts. The duration of the piece depends of the size of the ice cube.