durational performance, first performed in Kesto -performance event 11.11.2015
as one of the 5 fragments of travelling performance “Stay Calm, Stay Focused, Follow a Plan”


“Knocking” is a durational, visual, performance that explores themes such as endurance, determination and intransigence. It is also a performance of being heard and noticed. By repeating the same act I am able to bring the audience in a meditative state. They start to think what the act of knocking means for them. With the performance I also explore body and my mind: how does my body and/or mind react to the fact that I cannot escape from this decided action? How does the act change and how does it affect to the interpretation of the piece? “Knocking” was first performed as one fragment in a travelling series of performances “Stay calm, stay focused, follow a plan”, which explored how narratives can be created of separate actions, and relationship between space and performance.


Knock a door a long time (duration decided before the performance). Record the sound of the knocking and that way create a trace of performance.